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Rules & FAQ

General Rules

-Absolutely no "god-moding". If your character picks a fight with another player character and or is engaged in some other activity that will irreversibly effect the status and health of that character, confer with the other player first before stating an outcome.

-Decent spelling/grammar is essential. You won't be accepted without it and are expected to maintain it throughout the game.

Character Limit Rules

Each person is allowed to play a total of three characters, one major character and two minor/original characters (or three minor/original characters). Major characters are defined as any of the nine BDHs: Mal, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Jayne, Inara, Simon, River and Book. Minor characters are then of course any of the other characters who made appearances throughout the show and film and original characters can entail whatever your heart desires.

Activity Rules

For the sake of maintaining an active and fast-moving plot, all major characters should post at least three times a week. This minimum includes both first and third person posts. Minor characters are expected to post at least once a week. These figures are simply minimums, however - I encourage everyone to post much, much more frequently than that if possible!

If you require a leave of absence because you're taking a trip, you know you'll be especially busy over a set period of time, et cetera, please notify us or make a post over at temporal_ooc so we don't harass you unjustly!

If you play a major character and do not post for the entirety of a week without asking for leave, we will hunt you down and cut out your spleen attempt to contact you. If you do not post or we cannot get a hold of you within a week after that your role will be placed up for grabs. You may of course re-apply for that role at any time if still available. The same rule applies to minor characters as well, only with a two-week grace period before we attempt to track you down. Original character players are lucky, because we can't exactly hand your creation over to someone else. But we can torture you with curtains - lacy, gently wafting curtains.

What's this first and third person stuff, anyway?

First-person Posts

These will be made to the LiveJournal you create specifically for you character. First-post posts may include the following:

- Waves: tag on the post whom it is to and they can respond in kind on your post, back and forth.
- Letters: same concept as waves. Not as likely, but hey. You never know, lovers or somesuch may want to send along a little hand-written something.
- Private Journal entries: you can pretend you character is making an entry in a private computer databank, on a data pad, in a handwritten journal - whatever tickles your fancy. Make sure to denote this as a private entry, so that other characters don't respond to it and so they know that they aren't truly savvy to knowing whatever it is your character said whilst IC.
- Blogs on the Cortex: for this format, make-believe your character really has an account on some LJ-like apparatus. In this case all characters can respond, unless you specify it as being locked off limits to certain characters.
- Whatever else you can think of! Feel free to get creative and have a good time.

Third-person Posts

These will be made in threads posted to the main community, temporalaccord.

Not much to explain here except that this is where all the action goes down and will constitute the bulk of the roleplay. Remember: you control only your own character(s)! NPCs may be utilized in some instances, but non-extensively. If desired, you may place an NPC in a larger role with permission. As with everything, ask! There are no dumb questions.

Posting Form Header:

All third-person posts beginning a thread must be behind an LJ cut. (First person on the other hand can be organized any which way, whatever floats your boat.) Place the following information at the start of every thread:

Open to:

The purpose of this is to let your fellow players know what's what and to keep everything orderly and easy to check. If open to all, just specify "All Welcome", if not, indicate what characters are (or aren't) welcome to that particular thread. Also, this community is completely open to anything, but if the content of a thread becomes either particularly sexual or particularly gruesome, please tack a warning on to the header before the cut. For example, a heading by character intent on engaging some Companion services might look like this:

Open to: Inara Serra.
Location: Serenity's second shuttle.
Time: Late evening, after the ball.
Warning - NC-17 thread.

(lj-cut to post would be here)

Additional Forms of Game Play

In addition to first-person and third-person posts, in the interest of fleshing out every character as well as to give you something else to do if your character is not directly involved in a thread at any given point in time, you may write "roleplay-relevant fan fiction" regarding your character's past. In other words, back stories occurring before the game's time line. If your back story involves other people's characters, please first consult those characters' players before writing the fic. They will have a right to discuss changes they think ought to be made in the bits concerning their character prior to your posting it. All back stories fleshed out in this manner are to be posted to the main community also, using the following header format:

Character(s) Involved: (referring to any and all played/claimed characters involved in the story)
Time Frame: (exactly how long ago is this taking place?)
Any relevant notes: (can include a summary of the fic's content and anything else you feel compelled to mention)

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the moderators!
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